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Paradigm Mall, J.B. 6.12.2017

Our first store is now open at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru! Visit us now and try out our dessert, it's simply delicious!


Paradigm Mall

Uji Cha - The Loved Land of Tea

In the late 12th century, a High Priest Myoe of Kozanji Template at Taganoo brought back tea seeds from China back to Uji, Kyoto. The cultivation of good tea is hugely dependent on climatic conditions, and with its proximity to the river and moderate temperatures, Uji is prime for tea harvesting.

This was the origin of the history of Uji ChaTM, and the multiple steps taken to spread the joy of drinking Japanese Green Tea throughout Japan and beyond.

With that, Uji ChaTM was born, out of devotion towards authenticity, quality and the love towards Japanese Green Tea with wide choice of top Japanese desserts in Malaysia.